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As is well known the Transformer plays an important role in the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy. Under load the transformer, dissipates heat and the insulating oil acts as a coolant as well as an effective dielectric.

Due to the highly hygroscopic nature of the transformer oil, it absorbs moisture from windings, which leads to gradual deterioration of dielectric strength. Also there are some waste impurities, gas contents in the transformer oil which destroy the oil's quality.

ZYD  doiuble stage transfomer oil filtration introduction:

ZYD Series Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier is designed for purifying used or aged transformer oil,super high-voltage transformer oil,switch oil and other insulating oils.

It is very suitable for power distribution system,power grid and various companies which need to install and maintain oil-immersed transformers.

The ZYD system not only provides regular oil purification/ reclamation such as degassing, drying and particulate removal, but also can remove acidity, sludge, carbon deposits, other soluble oil decay products and discoloration.

This is accomplished by the use of high vacuum degasification technology and particulate filters combined with our special brand of earth. After treating, the oil can be reused as new.

  Besides the regular transformer oil purification,this machine can be also used as vacuum oil injecting

and vacuun drying equipment for transformers,and it is cost-effective,easy to operate.


1. Besides vacuum pump,this machine installs Roots Pump vacuum system,which speed up evacuation,

make limiting vacuum ≤ 5Pa,working vacuum ≤ 35Pa.

2. Large area three-dimensional flash distillation technique,advance dewatering and degassing system,which remove water and gas much quickly and completely.

3. Precise filtration system,high-quality filter element,multi-stage filtration with gradual precision,which help removing mechanical impurities in the oil.

4. After purification the breakdown voltage of transformer oil can reach up to 75KV.

5. Advanced double-infrared liquid automatic controller,pressure automatic-protector,which ensure long-term safe and reliable operation.

7. This machine can be operated both on-load and off-load.

8. Humanization design,low noise pump,deep purification and long-term free maintenance.

9. General type,Trailer-mounted type,Hermetical type,Flow meter etc. is available.

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